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Travel and tourism books

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Travel and tourism books are an important part of learning and every travel and tourism based course should have a travel and tourism student reading list. Below I have listed some of the most popular and highly recommended travel and tourism books for different student levels and courses. These are perfect additions for your school/college library.

Travel and tourism student reading list

Travel and tourism books for level 1/ 2/ beginners

There are some great travel and tourism books that will introduce beginner-level travel and tourism students to the travel and tourism industry. I have listed some of the best below.

BTEC Tech Award in Travel and Tourism Student Book

Whilst this book is geared specifically towards the criteria set out by BTEC for their level 2 technical award, it is actually a great fit for any beginner level travel and tourism student. The simply an d easy to understand language used throughout and range of examples given makes it perfect for any school-aged/ level 1 or 2 learner.

Becoming Cabin Crew: A course textbook designed to support BTEC, NCFE and City & Guilds qualifications

I am proud to have written this book myself a couple of years ago. It is perfect for any students who are studying Cabin Crew as well as employability skills.

Travel and tourism books for level 3/ college/ university

The books below are perfect for introducing your students to some of the higher-level content that they will be exposed to during a university course. These are beginner-level academic texts that cover a broad range of content.

Tourism: Principles and Practice

This is the ultimate beginner’s guide for any travel and tourism student and is on almost every university travel and tourism reading list.

This book covers all of the core travel and tourism management subjects and the explanations are clear and easy to understand.

There are multiple editions, so if you’r budget is tight, opt for an older copy to save a few pennies!

The Business of Tourism

This book is an essential text for students of tourism management or travel and tourism.

It provides background theory and research that is easy to understand. It also has lots of relevant and current case studies.

Tourism: A Modern Synthesis

The world is changing and evolving quickly and the tourism industry must keep up.

This book looks at the modern-day issues that are effecting the travel and tourism industry. It examines new and emerging markets and disruptive technologies such as the sharing economy, low cost airlines and e-travel. It also includes current debates on sustainable tourism, future jobs in travel and tourism and generational marketing.

Worldwide Destinations: The geography of travel and tourism

Every travel and tourism reading list should have a geography-based element, because geography is such an important part of travel!

This book is great because it explores the concepts of tourism demand and supply for a comprehensive range of destinations and every country worldwide.

This book is essential reading for any travel and tourism student!

The Geography of Tourism and Recreation: Environment, Place and Space

Another geography-based text, this book combines management theory with a range of geographical case-studies around the world.

Unit-specific books

There are also a wide range of travel and tourism books that are suitable for specific units or modules that students may be studying (e.g. marketing, sustainable tourism). I have included recommending reading at the end of each article that I have written on this website. I am also happy to provide a recommended reading list specific for what you are teaching- just drop me an email at and I will provide you with your own personalised travel and tourism reading list.

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