Tourism teacher tribe

The Tourism Teacher Tribe is an exclusive online community dedicated to people who teach travel and tourism related subjects. It is the only community of its kind in the travel and tourism field, connecting like-minded educators and providing a wide range of resources intended to enhance the learning experience. 

This online community is perfect for:

  • Travel and tourism teachers
  • Geography teachers
  • Cabin Crew lecturers/teachers/trainers
  • Tourism industry trainers
  • Travel and tourism lecturers
  • Work-based learneing provideers
  • Tourism apprenticeship tutors
  • Tourism researchers

See what’s on offer for the Tourism Teacher Tribe below-

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Get access to 1000+ travel and tourism teaching resources

Get access to a comprehensive range of resources that you can use in your teaching and training practice. From printable downloads to Powerpoint presentations, videos and e-books- there is plenty here to keep your students occupied.

Click here to see the range of teaching resources and for your free samples.  

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Connect with other travel and tourism educators

Want advice on how to teach sustainable tourism? Where to get the best free printable maps? The most unique school trip destinations? By becoming a member of the Tourism Teacher Tribe you will get access to a supportive and engaging community of tourism educators from all over the world through our private forum and Facebook group.

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Enrich your curriculum

Get recommendations for the best third party apps and websites to use with your students, as well as recommended guest speakers and residential visits. 

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Undertake personal training and development

[Coming soon] CPD is an important part of being a travel and tourism educator. Upskill and keep up-to-date with industry developments with the online courses and online training opportunities. 

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Enhance your teaching practice

Gain access to a number of resources aimed at developing your teaching practice as well as 1:1 personal guidance and support from Ofsted grade 1 teacher and university lecturer, Dr Hayley Stainton. 

Become a member of the Tourism Teacher Tribe today!

Become a member of the Tourism Teacher Tribe for just £129 per year. Cancel anytime.


How long will my membership last?

The membership is an annual subscription and you can continue to be a member for as long as you like!

My institution needs an invoice- can you send one?

Yes. Please ask your school to email me at to request an invoice.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you are free to cancel at any time.

Is it possible to pay by bank transfer?

If your educational institution would prefer to pay via bank transfer, please ask them to email me at to request the details.

Can I get a refund? 

Once you have downloaded the materials you are no longer entitled to a refund. 

Where have the teaching resources come from? 

All of the resources have been developed in-house by the Tourism Teacher team.

Can I edit the resources for my own teaching? 

Yes, all resources can be edited to suit your needs.

What level are these resources designed for? 

These resources are designed to be used across a range of teaching levels and can be amended to make them easier/more challenging if needed.

How long will I get access to the resources?

You will have unlimited access to more than 1000 travel and tourism teaching resources for as long as you continue your subscription, which lasts for 12 months.

Can I contribute some of my own teaching resources?

Yes! If you have some high-quality travel and tourism teaching resources to share, please send them to me via email.

Become a member of the Tourism Teacher Tribe today!

Launched in February 2021, there is currently an introductory offer to join become a member of the Tourism Teacher Tribe for just £129 per year. Cancel anytime. Offer for a limited time only.